Engineering and Graphics & Designing Services

I offer a wide range of services for both, engineering and graphics & designing. I offer fixed hourly rates for regular work, or have a fixed contract for larger projects. We can work to meet the design needs and specifications of your company. Will deliver a good product at market cost. 

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Other Specialized Services

A combination of services can be provided depending on the project and type of work.

Engineering Services

Designing 2D and 3D CAD components with specifications as needed.

Design Engineering drawings for shop-floor manufacturing processes.

Analyze vibrations and stresses on components and structures using CAE software.


Design Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams for small to medium sized projects.

Customized component schematics and floor plans for your application.

Code calculation tools using MATLAB. Design and run simple software.

Graphics & Designing

Design images and illustrations for large-scale printing, boards, car decals, and more.

Growing website and social media traffic using Search Engine Optimized text and posts.

Develop the website you want, the way you want it. Reliable service at an affordable rate.

Create a logo that represents your company and its mission statement.

Outsource your content writing at an affordable rate.

Editing, writing, and proof-reading technical reports in most STEM and arts fields.