University Projects


The design and fabrication of an Ultrasonic Fatigue Testing machine.

Water Delivery System

Design of a potable water delivery system for a small residential building.

Sound Level Survey

Calculating sound levels for various plots using the Ontario Road Noise Analysis Method for Environment and Transportation (ORNAMENT).

Heat Exchanger Design

 Designed a crossflow liquid to gas heat exchanger using COMSOL Multiphysics.

Whipper Trebuchet Design

Design, manufacturing, and testing of a trebuchet.


This section details the work I did in the Penn State Racing (FSAE) team.

Personal Projects

Board Game Designs

The design of different abstract strategy board games.

Coat of Arms Design

Design and coloring of a custom coat of arms.

Sentry Turret Gun Design

The design of a automatic turret gun with a projectile tracker.

Arduino Quadcopter

Designing a quadcopter with a 3D geological scanner on board.

Water Rocket Design

Designing a water bottle rocket with a plastic soda bottle.

Traffic Light System

How to design a T-junction with 4 traffic lights.